Automatic elevator

Non-slip automatic sidewalk elevator

Non-slip automatic sidewalk elevator

One: Product introduction

The escalator with excellent quality, safety and reliable product image has won wide trust and support from customers over the years, and is one of the best-selling products in China's escalator market。Very suitable for commercial, office and other places to use。

With the priority of microcomputer frequency conversion technology (VVVF) and ergonomics research results as well as advanced manufacturing technology, escalators become more perfect, safe, comfortable, energy saving and convenient maintenance。

Two: Product application range

Escalators are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other places with large passenger flow. Fuworth escalators have the characteristics of exquisite structure, excellent ladder road, exquisite guide road, exquisite appearance and full of modern flavor。
Strong transfer energy

三:Product advantage

1. The application of advanced track control technology makes the equipment run more comfortable, stable and quiet。The deviation and friction between the steps and the apron are reduced, and the fun of shopping is increased for customers

2, flexible civil construction requirements, in the era of land, leave more value to customers

3, differentiated design, so that the product can adapt to different installation environment

Four: Product display

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