Home elevator is difficult how to save oneself?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people have installed home elevators in their own homes. Home elevators bring convenience to people going up and down the stairs, but also bring some troubles, such as the elevator problem that a large number of people are concerned about。那么Home elevator is difficult how to save oneself呢?

Home elevator is difficult how to save oneself?

1, the reason for the elevator is no more than the elevator failure or external factors affecting the normal operation of the elevator。Elevator as the site of secondary assembly of lifting equipment, under normal circumstances, the failure rate of the beginning of the operation stage is relatively high, the reason is that the elevator also has a running-in period, the quality of elevator equipment coupled with the installation and debugging level leads to more difficult phenomenon in the running-in period。

2, elevator failure is mainly divided into two aspects of mechanical failure and electrical failure,The main parts of the elevator where the mechanical failure is concentrated are the doors,Door lock hook clearance, door contact, foreign body blockage may cause the elevator to not open the door,In addition, improper installation of mechanical equipment or wear over the years will also affect the operation of the elevator。

3, the electrical part is mainly a variety of safety switches inside the elevator, misoperation or adhesion is the main cause of electrical failure。Therefore, in order to reduce the frequency of elevator distress, the quality of elevator equipment, the level of installation and debugging, and the regular maintenance in later use are indispensable。

4, if the elevator is trapped, you must not panic, first of all, the elevator car is not airtight, the car door, the hall door, the car wall, the top of the car have gaps, there is no need to worry about hypoxia problem, and secondly, the elevator is actually a protective measure for passengers, the elevator itself judges that there is a risk of operation, will definitely stop running。

5, for the home elevator, if the elevator does not run because of the power failure, for the elevator equipped with ups power failure emergency device, the passengers will be transported to the nearest floor level location to open the door。Other reasons caused by the plight of people, in the case of someone in the home can use the car alarm alarm device to attract the attention of the family, with self-rescue。

6, if there is no one in the home on their own, trapped people with a mobile phone, you can use a mobile phone to contact the outside world, if there is no mobile phone around, then the elevator is particularly important, the home elevator generally does not exist five-way intercom, then must access fixed-line or wireless phone, the phone device must be retained。So before buying an elevator, be sure to do your homework, and the configuration must be retained。

No matter what type of elevator, as equipment there will be a failure of the problem of trapped people, there is a phenomenon of trapped people, must not try to lift the door or kick the door and other dangerous behavior inside the car, with the rescue tools equipped with the elevator to contact the outside world waiting for rescue is a safe self-rescue method。


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