How to call for help in case of emergency during elevator use?

Speaking of the elevator, we are all familiar with it, and its appearance has brought great convenience to our lives。Although the technology is now very mature, there are still occasional elevator emergencies that lead to trapped situations。那么,How to call for help in case of emergency during elevator use

How to call for help in case of emergency during elevator use?

1. Find the "emergency call button" in the elevator and contact the 24-hour emergency duty personnel of the elevator management side;

2. You can scan the "Shanghai smart elevator Code" to report the trapped person's information, and the smart elevator platform will send trapped distress information to elevator maintenance personnel and property safety management personnel in the first time, and can also see the real-time rescue path information on the mobile phone;

3. Call the emergency rescue contact number published by the maintenance unit for alarm and distress;

4, the elevator equipped with a remote monitoring device can take the initiative to find the situation of the trapped person in the car through the intelligent camera, and take the initiative to report the information of the trapped person, without the need for passengers to report。And can see the real-time rescue path on the electronic screen in the elevator car, and talk to the rescue personnel in real time through the electronic screen;

5, after sending out a distress message, take relevant measures under the guidance of professionals, do not take the wrong self-rescue actions such as prying doors, picking doors, etc., should wait in the elevator for professionals to open the door for rescue。


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