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Home elevator maintenance needs attention to the problem?

The home elevator is often used in the villa, convenient and fast, does not occupy the area of the room, instead of the elevator is economically applicable, suitable for two and three floors of buildings。We all know that elevators need to be irregularly maintained after long-term use to prevent parts from aging and accidents, so,Home elevator maintenance needs attention to the problem

Home elevator maintenance needs attention to the problem?

1, home elevator maintenance,Pay special attention to check the sensitivity of elevator safety touch plate or light screen type touch plate controller,Even if the elevator controller door frequency is higher,Add the effects of dust,May cause misoperation of light curtain,This should be checked by the maintenance staff at every job,It won't work if you change it early,Do not let users speculate on the quality of elevator products due to the problem of doors。

2, home elevator hall door and car door repair and maintenance。The elevator failure usually occurs on the elevator hall door and the car door,And special attention should be paid to the repair and maintenance of the hall door and the car door,First, there is dust on the door machine to be cleaned in time,Make sure the door rail is free of foreign objects,The door contact controls the door to maintain a very smooth conduction,This elevator can not receive unpleasant sounds during operation and the opening of the door。

3, home elevator car guide boots clean and sterilization。We all know that the guide boots run on the guide rail, there are oil cups below the guide boots, so that the elevator does not produce friction in the operation of the oil cup should be regularly to cheer and clean the guide boots, so the health of the clean car should be cleaned。

If the home elevator failure is identified in daily life, it is recommended that the owner contact the manufacturer closely to carry out door-to-door repair。


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