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What causes the elevator to surge?

Now many places, including their own homes have elevators, we also know that the use of elevators for a long time, it is inevitable that the elevator will encounter the top of the situation。那么,What causes the elevator to surge?Today I will take you to understand this knowledge。

What causes the elevator to surge?

1. Insufficient traction force

One of the important guarantee conditions for the safe operation of the traction elevator is the friction between the traction rope groove and the traction rope, if the friction is insufficient, even if the brake is reliable, the car can not be stopped by the ground, because the safety device only avoids accidental car fall and dangerous upward acceleration。

2, safety clamp failure

After the safety pliers are installed or repaired,No tests and adjustments were made,It will naturally result in a lack of good motion position,Or two safety pliers cannot work in sync,That is, there is a sequence between the safety clamp on one side of the car and the safety clamp on the other side of the car,Or the gap between the safety clamp wedge on one side of the car and the side of the guide rail is too large,The side safety pliers did not stop the car,It's gonna bring the car down。

3. The governor fails

The nut of the speed regulator is loose, usually does not appear this phenomenon, but after testing a medical elevator, it is found that the lead seal of the speed regulator is removed (the maintenance worker adjusts it without authorization), which generally causes the actual speed regulator to exceed the specified value of the relevant national standards。

4, electrical safety device failure

If the forced deceleration device fails, that is, when the elevator runs out of control to the top or bottom of the shaft, the first thing it passes through is the forced deceleration switch, if the switch fails or the deceleration relay contact is not released, the elevator can not slow down before reaching the terminal station, that is, the car still runs at a constant speed until the bottom or the top。


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