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    Hotline: 400-012-5358

    Contact number:159-3900-5888 Manager Zhang

    Address: No.701 Juyi Morgan Center, No.59 Zhenghua Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City

    Solemn promise

    1.After the payment is generally 20 working days delivery, the goods to the installation workers, the installation period is generally about 15 working days, depending on the size of the platform。

    2.Professional after-sales service personnel, perfect service management system, adequate parts inventory, to ensure that you use the product without worries。

    3.After receiving the repair call or online repair, our after-sales service engineers will immediately contact you, if the phone can not help you solve the problem, our after-sales service engineers will immediately rush to the scene, within 24 hours to solve the problem in the region, not more than 48 hours in the region。

    Our purpose: to quality products, preferential prices, complete after-sales service for each customer to provide a higher price elevator equipment!

    The company has always been "quality-oriented, service first" as the enterprise purpose。As long as you order my company's products, no matter where you are, we will promptly send professional and technical personnel to serve you, your satisfaction is our commitment!

    Warm reminder:

    The purchase of elevators, can not blindly buy, to do a full market research, if necessary, field visits, to determine the size of the company, product quality and its reputation, which is the first and must。In the current elevator market, many small-scale companies cut corners and reduce the size and materials of equipment in order to make profits。Inevitably, the quality of the lifting product is greatly reduced, the sale price of this product is very cheap, but the use of this machinery is not convenient and unstable, the service life of the equipment is not long, the maintenance rate will also increase, virtually increasing the risk factor。Therefore, as a purchaser can not covet a small interest at present and do regret in the future or even cause greater regret。

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