Passenger elevator

Small domestic passenger elevator

Small domestic passenger elevator

One: Product introduction

This series of products adopts the design concept, introduces the new traction mechanical technology and with the PLG electronic control system, provides a number of independent intellectual property rights in the details of the safety guarantee, in line with green energy saving standards, is a practical, safe and environmentally friendly miniature elevator system。"Safe" series of products perfect interpretation of Xinnong people has always been adhering to the "create a safe, secure, comfortable convenient and warm life for the people" purpose。

Two: product parameters

1. Number of passengers: 1 adult +1 child
2. Load capacity: ≦150kg
3, landing station: 2-3 floors
4, large travel: 8 m
5. Door opening method: mechanical magnetic force

Three: Product characteristics

Design concept, to realize the no-pit conditions of the floor jump and duplex users to enjoy the dream of home elevator;
¤Safety first, careful design of multiple safety guarantees, such as automatic adjustment of traction tension, magnetic door stop, ladder door self-locking, anti-pinching device, power failure double protection, overload reminder, etc.;
¤Small space, small space play a big role;
¤Smooth operation, comfortable movement makes you happy;
¤Affordable family elevator;
¤Household power supply, electricity consumption is lower than the refrigerator, green environmental protection, reduce energy consumption costs throughout the design process of the whole series of products;
¤Improve the quality of life and living, solve the problems of the elderly, the sick and the disabled up and down the stairs, eliminate the cumbersome lifting of heavy objects up and down;
¤To meet the civil phase of installation or retrofitting of existing homes;
¤Has a number of fully independent intellectual property rights;
¤Micro home elevator increases your investment by about 10%。

Four: product renderings

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